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Proven Oregon Online School Results

While some question the efficiency of a nontraditional public school program like the one we offer at Oregon Connections Academy, the success stories of thousands of graduates from our program prove that it does in fact work. Not every student fits within the traditional public school mold, and our program offers another option to receive a high-quality education. At Oregon Connections Academy, we measure our success by the academic achievements of our students, but that’s not all—we also base our success on the way our students and their families thrive within a virtual community that encourages satisfaction and personal growth.

Praise for the Oregon Connections Academy Online School

The feedback of students and their families is important to us, and we use our annual parent survey as a way to really listen. This anonymous survey gives parents an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings on our program openly. Each year, we are pleased to find consistently high marks, especially when it comes to supporting and encouraging our students to succeed both academically and emotionally.

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