Stancy Daugherty

Stancy Daugherty

Kindergarten Teacher

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, University of Oregon; Master of Arts in Teaching, Early Childhood/Elementary, Pacific University

Stancy Daugherty joined Oregon Connections Academy in 2021 as a kindergarten teacher.

Why I Became a Teacher

"My mother was a teacher, and I spent a lot of time helping students in her classroom. I also volunteered in a number of the other classrooms helping students. I loved being a part of the entire process of identifying a skill, working with students during the learning process, and watching their growth.

The Online School Experience at Oregon Connections Academy

I worked independently as an online educator for almost five years, and I missed the collaboration with other teachers. Joining Oregon Connections Academy has been an exciting journey, as I get to work with a team to grow our school and build an environment where students can thrive.

"I love creating lessons connected to children’s literature! It’s my favorite activity to do with my students."

—  Ms. Daugherty

My Interests

Music is extremely important to me and my family. There is always something playing in the background —someone singing or playing an instrument. In my free time, I enjoy singing, crafting, hiking, traveling, cooking, and baking."