Janel Scurlock

Janel Scurlock


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, Miami University; Master of Arts Degree in Bilingual Education, University of Kentucky; English Language Endorsement, University of Wyoming; School Principal Certificate, University of Wyoming; School Leadership Certificate, Harvard Graduate School of Education 

Janel Scurlock started working at Oregon Connections Academy in 2022, where she is the lead principal. An award-winning school administrator, Mrs. Scurlock is passionate about equity in education. Her favorite part of helping lead this school is “working closely with the amazing staff.” 

Why I Became an Educator

"When I was a little girl, my dad was a high school principal. I used to go with him to his school on the weekends and play in the classrooms. I wrote all over the chalkboards and pretended I was in charge! It has been a lifelong goal for me.   

This school places great emphasis on creating a welcoming community for students, parents, and teachers. I’m an open, warm person who loves to connect with people. I want to have an open “door” where every one of my students, families, and teachers know they can connect with me in a meaningful and genuine way on their terms and on their time.

“I am super excited to meet every student and let them know they are valued and that I will support them in pursuing their future goals.”   

—  Mrs. Scurlock

The Online School Experience at Oregon Connections Academy

This school is similar to brick-and-mortar schools in many ways. That said, students and families here receive a more individualized program, and there is much more parental involvement. I really like how students here are given opportunities to work at their own pace, but with guidelines to ensure they complete the coursework on time.    

The teachers and staff here are extremely committed to ensuring that students know they can determine their future. I love that they know their students so well and are dedicated to ensuring that each student has a success plan."