Ms. Weatherly

Erin Weatherly

5th-Grade Teacher

Bachelor of Science, Eastern Michigan University; Master’s Degree in Elementary Education (multiple subjects), Northwest Christian University

Erin Weatherly began teaching in 2020 when she joined the Oregon Connections Academy team as a fifth-grade teacher.

Why I Became a Teacher

"I started substituting as an educational assistant at my local elementary school and fell in love with being in the classroom. We had been foster parents for many years, and I decided teaching was another important way I could support children.

The Online School Experience at Oregon Connections Academy

Fifth grade is my favorite elementary stage. The kids are going through so much growth, both academically and emotionally, during this age. Because of that, I focus on social and emotional learning throughout the school year.

One way I encourage students to socialize is by hosting Friday events. We take virtual field trips, eat lunch together, play games, and read together. I have many students from previous classes who still meet personally because they made such strong connections and friendships.

I also incorporate art into my lessons. My students are always happy when I tell them to get out their sketch pad and art kits sent from the school.

At Oregon Connections Academy, I love the flexibility students have with being in their own learning environment. I also love my ability to work one-on-one with students. I get to know them so well and work closely with their Learning Coaches to support each student’s growth.

"My students are always happy when I tell them to get out their sketch pad and art kits sent from the school."

— Ms. Weatherly

My Interests

I’ve lived in Oregon for over 20 years with my husband and three sons. I’m still in awe of the beauty of our state and enjoy all of the outdoor activities just outside my front door. Art is also very important to me. We built an art studio on our property, and my family of five are often in there creating and getting messy! I also enjoy gardening, swimming, and eating sweets!

I feel my life experience as a foster parent has helped me immensely when it comes to relating to all of my students and families. I have strong relationships with my students and their Learning Coaches, which helps me be a more effective teacher."