Sarah Schuster

Sarah Schuster

Elementary Teacher

B.S. Elementary Education, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

Sarah Schuster began teaching in 1999 and is now an elementary school teacher for second and third grades at Falcon View Connections Academy. Learn more about Ms. Schuster below:

Why I Became a Teacher

I became a teacher because I love seeing students experience and discover new things. I find it rewarding when a student’s eyes light up because they’re beginning to grasp a challenging concept. I also enjoy helping students develop a growth mindset. It allows them to not get frustrated when learning seems challenging, but instead see those challenges as a time when the brain is learning and developing.

The Online School Experience at Falcon View Connections Academy

I love teaching at Falcon View Connections Academy because I get to know each individual student as well as their family. It’s through this holistic approach to learning that the school creates a learning environment that successfully meets the academic and emotional needs of every student. Teachers connect with students on a regular basis in many ways, such as by phone or during LiveLesson® sessions. This level of communication helps students feel like support is always readily available. It also ensures that teachers stay up to date on what each student needs to be successful.

An education at Falcon View Connections Academy prepares students for a bright future because it helps them realize that learning is constant and can happen anywhere and at any time. They develop the mentality that learning is a lifelong process and that the world can be their classroom.

The school community is special because it creates an environment of support which ultimately impacts student learning.

— Ms. Schuster

My Interests

I am married and have three kids and a dog. The things that bring me joy are my family, summer road trips, reading, hiking, crafting, and cooking/baking.