Rex Mindach

Rex Mindach

Homeroom Teacher/Advisor for Grades 6–8

Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education, Concordia University-St. Paul

Rex Mindach began his teaching career in 1985 and joined Falcon View Connections Academy in 2021. He’s currently a homeroom teacher and advisor for grades 6–8, and teaches Freshman Success and Middle School Career Exploration. Learn more about Mr. Mindach below!

Why I Became a Teacher

I became a teacher because I loved working with and helping young people learn. Two of my four older siblings were teachers and I know they had a positive influence. While in high school, I participated in an "Exploratory Teaching” program and worked as a teacher’s aide at the elementary school I had attended. That was the experience I needed to make my decision to be a teacher. During my teaching career, I have taught every grade level from grades 1–8 at four different schools in California and Minnesota.

The Online School Experience at Falcon View Connections Academy

The students can work from their home environment and at their own individual pace, and the student’s future is based on what they put into their schooling. At Falcon View Connections Academy, we encourage and motivate students to learn. We provide a high-quality curriculum with well-educated and experienced teachers to teach and guide them. We build relationships with the students to help enhance their learning experience.

Even though students and teachers are not in-person with each other, we have ways to be a community. In general, I believe the students have more one-on-one contact with teachers than in a brick-and-mortar setting. Our LiveLesson® sessions and Zoom meetings connect students and teachers via webcams and microphones. We offer in-person field trips so students, teachers, and families can meet.

Your child has an opportunity to learn at their own pace and in a safe, friendly environment.

— Mr. Mindach

My Interests

When not in school-mode, I like spending time with my grandchildren, hiking, camping, traveling, and reading. I also collect Mickey Mouse memorabilia and coins.