Matt Lennon

Special Education Teacher

Matt Lennon is a special education teacher at Falcon View Connections Academy. He earned his bachelor of science degree in parks and recreation from the University of Minnesota and earned his master’s degree in special education from Bemidji State University. Mr. Lennon recently joined Falcon View Connections Academy and has been teaching since 2012. He shares his teaching story below:

“I love teaching in different environments and seeing students find success. Teaching online is unique because it allows students to find their voices and own their learning in a way that often is not possible with traditional schools and scheduling.

It’s awesome to be part of a new online school and see the program build up around us. The staff is experienced and supportive, and it’s fun to see students excel in this setting. We strive to help students achieve at high levels and be prepared for life after high school. We work with students and families to balance time and schedules to support the rest of their lives and activities beyond the classroom.

For prospective online school parents, Mr. Lennon recommends spending time establishing solid routines and boundaries for the first couple of weeks. “These structures at home can be a huge benefit to helping students make sense of working online and being in ‘school’ without actually being in a brick-and-mortar classroom.”

Everyone from students to families to teachers and staff contributes to making Falcon View Connections Academy a great educational community!

— Mr. Lennon

Outside of teaching, Mr. Lennon loves learning new things and has several interests, including music, traveling outdoors, reading, and photography.

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