Leah Drexler

Leah Drexler

Elementary school teacher

Leah Drexler is an elementary school teacher at Falcon View Connections Academy. She has been teaching since 2009 and joined Falcon View Connections Academy in 2019. Ms. Drexler has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in theology from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology. She shares her teaching story below:

“It is a truly incredible experience to help a student reach their potential,” says Ms. Drexler, on why she wanted to become a teacher. “Being a part of the moment that a student gains new abilities and confidence in themselves is so meaningful. Children see the world in a different way, and I love being a part of removing limits and inspiring them to reach for their dreams. Every year I have spent teaching has been more fulfilling than the last. I love it!”

At Falcon View Connections Academy, Ms. Drexler enjoys connecting with students and parents to find what will work best for each student. “Falcon View Connections Academy gives students an opportunity to have a flexible learning schedule and a positive environment and to learn at their own pace. The teamwork among students, teachers, parents, Learning Coaches, and school leaders to create engaging, individualized learning for our students makes our school an awesome place to learn. We all work together to help students succeed!”

Falcon View Connections Academy offers an incredible curriculum that encourages students to stretch their minds. It also allows students to learn in a flexible way that fits their needs and makes deeper learning possible.

— Ms. Drexler

In her spare time, Ms. Drexler loves to camp, hike, and travel to historic places to learn about other cultures. She also spends time at her community theater creating live theater productions. When at home, Ms. Drexler spends time reading adventure stories and playing the piano.