Allison Stambaugh

Allison Stambaugh

Special Education Teacher

Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Sociology and Psychology, University of Minnesota; Master’s Degree in Special Education, Bethel University

Allison Stambaugh started teaching in 2018 and joined Falcon View Connections Academy in 2022. She teaches Special Education to students in grades 9–12.

Why I Became a Teacher

I love helping students learn and have a passion for helping those who struggle, like I did, to achieve their goals. One thing I especially appreciate about teaching here is the work-life balance and how it allows me to focus on each student and give them my undivided attention.

The Online School Experience at Falcon View Connections Academy

This school is a community working toward a better future for all our students. It gives me the flexibility to meet kids where they are to help them achieve their maximum learning. An education at Falcon View Connections Academy helps prepare students for a bright and successful future by teaching them how to manage their time and collaborate effectively.

My Personal Interests

I’m a health buff and enjoy being active doing things like biking, walking, hiking, and snowboarding. I do my best to eat clean and am pretty knowledgeable about health-related topics. I also love to travel and went to Finland over the summer. My life goal is to visit each continent at least once (yes, even Antarctica).

Parents thinking about enrolling their child here should do it. This school offers a wonderful opportunity for your student.”

— Ms. Stambaugh