Middle School

Wyatt is a middle school student at Falcon View Connections Academy. Since transitioning to online school, he enjoys the extra support he receives from his teachers and Learning Coach. Wyatt believes an online setting allows him to focus more on his studies.

Why I Chose Falcon View Connections Academy

I wanted to attend a school that would have a lot of resources and provide a good education from home.


My Online Middle School Experience

I like that I can communicate with my teachers all the time and that they’re there to help me if I get stuck. My relationship with my teachers is good—they are all supportive and nice. I also like having my Learning Coach (my mom) there to help me when I need it.

My favorite subject is history. It’s interesting to learn about things from the past and how they impact things.

I love Connections Academy® because I get a good education; the teachers are always there for me; and my Learning Coach is an extra resource that helps me.

— Wyatt

About Me

I like target shooting and biking on trails. I also play outside with my friends in the neighborhood. I have a good routine in place, and know when I need to focus on schoolwork and when I have the free time to do the things I like.

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