About Max

Max’s mother is a tennis instructor, and his father works in the National Hockey League, so a competitive fire and determination comes naturally to him. Max competes in golf and has finished first in many of the tournaments he has entered, including the U.S. Kids Golf Minneapolis Tour.

Why Max Chose Falcon View Connections Academy

Max previously attended a traditional public school. Although he was a good student, he sometimes struggled with reading and because of the rigid schedule and pace, he would get stressed about staying on track.

Max’s family decided to enroll him in our online school so he could learn at his own pace, spending more time on assignments when needed, while also having the time needed to practice and excel in golf. The flexibility of our school is exactly what they needed.

The one-on-one attention Max receives from his teachers was the difference-maker. He no longer feels the pressure that he did in a traditional school.

— Max's mom

Max's Online School Experience

According to Max’s mother, he wakes up early, takes care of his school classes and assignments, and is typically on the golf course by noon. By the time his friends are home from their traditional school, Max is done with homework and golfing and is ready to hang out with them.

Another benefit of Falcon View Connections Academy is that, during the winter months, Max’s family can travel to southern states where he can continue playing golf. Because our school is online, Max can learn from anywhere he has internet access. 

Not surprisingly, Max hopes to one day play golf at a Division I university and maybe even join the PGA tour. 

Max playing golf