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Tuition-Free Online Academy in Minnesota

Falcon View Connections Academy (FVCA) is an online, tuition-free public school for students in grades K–12. The school serves students collaboratively with Connections Education, accredited by Cognia, formerly AdvancED, to provide a full-time quality public education to your door—no matter where you are located in Minnesota.

Authorized by the Wabasha-Kellogg School District

Falcon View Connections Academy’s application to become an online public school was submitted to the School Board of Wabasha-Kellogg School District. On April 18, 2019, the Minnesota Department of Education approved Falcon View Connections Academy to open as a certified online public school for Spring 2019.


The mission of Falcon View Connections Academy is to empower students to reach their full potential through a flexible, inclusive, and personalized learning experience.

The vision of Falcon View Connections Academy is to create an inclusive, engaging, and innovative community where students are empowered to become life-long learners. Teachers, parents, and students will work together to prepare students for success through personalized, equitable learning in a safe and positive environment.

FVCA will combine the best in online education with real connections among students, family, teachers, and the community to promote academic and emotional success for every learner. FVCA will be the school of choice for those students who need a personalized, flexible education, even for a short period of time, due to academic or non-academic needs.

A State-Approved Online Public School

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Falcon View Connections Academy is approved by the Minnesota Department of Education under state law as a statewide online school authorized by the Wabasha-Kellogg School District. The district representative for this school is Superintendent Jim Freihammer. The school is operated by the Wabasha-Kellogg School District through a contract with Connections Education, LLC, to provide its educational program and other services.

The Online School Experience

FVCA shares the same goal with parents, and that is to help our students become confident, successful, and productive adults. Our full-time online school program empowers students to build on their own strengths and interests in a safe setting while staying connected with a larger community.

Below are a few of the driving forces behind this unique approach:

Free Online Education, Outstanding Curriculum

At FVCA, every student receives a quality public online education at no cost. We do not require materials fees or tuition charges. Our virtual school classes not only meet all national and state standards, but they also exceed them. And with the best materials, texts, and resources utilized as part of our curriculum, our students are kept continuously engaged in creative new ways.

Exceptional Teachers

Teachers provide the solid foundation needed when it comes to the Falcon View Connections Academy experience. Specially trained to teach online, FVCA teachers are certified, passionate, and talented. Many teachers are attracted to our online school because they genuinely care about kids and know that more personalized, one-on-one instruction is best.

Individual Attention

Regardless of students having unique talents and different ways of learning, they all perform better with individual attention in a calm and loving learning environment. These principles are a big part of Connections Academy's Personalized Performance Learning® approach. With this method, online teachers more quickly get to know the learning skill, style, and interests of each student, enabling them to provide the very best opportunities for each student to excel. Our approach can also provide students with accelerated learning opportunities in their areas of strength or extra attention in their weaker subjects.

The resources and opportunities provided at Connections Academy, due to the teachers’ flexibility and willingness to work with students individually, has allowed me to pursue my personal goals and to thrive in my endeavors.


 Meet Our Students

Parent-Supported Learning

Students excel when their parents take an active role in education. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s virtual school experience as Learning Coaches, and to be involved in their student’s daily education. This enables parents to see progress from day to day and work with teachers to help keep their students on track. Parents say this involvement is one of the most gratifying aspects of an online school program.

Easy-to-Use Technology

Connections Academy’s easy-to-use system, Connexus®, allows students access to a friendly and collaborative learning experience from just about anywhere—just as long as they have an Internet connection. Parents enjoy how simple it is to schedule their students’ lessons and access their grades, too!

Socialization, Community, and Friendships

Learning online doesn’t mean your child will be learning alone. While school takes place in a virtual setting, our students still meet regularly in their online LiveLesson® sessions and are given plenty of opportunities to share their ideas, compare experiences, and just have a little fun while learning together. There can also attend in-person activities, field trips, and other gatherings, too. Not to mention, the flexibility of our virtual school program creates plenty of opportunities for students to explore extracurricular activities outside of Falcon View Connections Academy, as well as through our Connections Academy's clubs!