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Great Lakes Cyber Academy—
Free Public Online School in Michigan

Connections Academy is pleased to support Great Lakes Cyber Academy (GLCA), a tuition-free virtual public school option available for students in grades 6–12 throughout Michigan. High school students choose from three flexible graduation pacing options, giving them the ability to customize the school schedule to fit their needs or graduate early.

At GLCA, we know that every student has unique talents, goals, and learning preferences. That’s why we deliver a virtual learning program that’s tailored to each student’s abilities, interests, and learning styles. Take a look at how we combine state-of-the-art technology, an award-winning curriculum, and personalized attention from state-certified teachers to create a Michigan virtual school unlike any other.

Our students learn at home—at a pace that’s right for them. Through our secure, easy-to-use education management system, students and parents can easily find everything they need to communicate with teachers, access daily lessons, take assessments, and do so much more more.

View Great Lakes Cyber Academy’s Annual Education Report for key information on the school’s 2015–16 educational progress.


Learn More About Great Lakes Cyber Academy

Meet some of the students, parents, and teachers of our Great Lakes Cyber Academy to see what they have to say about the unique online learning experience attending our tuition-free online school in Michigan.

Three Flexible Graduation Pacing Options

Because GLCA courses are offered throughout the year—during the fall, spring, and summer sessions—our online high school provides school students in Michigan three flexible graduation pacing options for meeting state education standards.

Typical Number of Courses (Credits) Taken During Each Term

Graduation Pacing Options Fall Spring Summer Total Number of Courses (Credits)
Standard Pace

Students take a full course load in the fall and spring sessions.
6 (3 credits) 6 (3 credits) 0 (0 credits) 12 (6 credits)
Extended Pace

Students take fewer courses than a typical course load in the fall and spring sessions, but also attend the summer session.
  5 (2.5 credits)  5 (2.5 credits) 2 (1 credits) 12 (6 credits)
Accelerated Pace

Students attend fall, spring and summer sessions full-time, enabling them to graduate early or take post-secondary dual enrollment courses.
6 (3 credits) 6 (3 credits) 2 – 4 (1 – 2 credits) 14 – 16 courses (7 – 8 credits)