Happy Learning

“I have a great relationship with my teachers,” she says. “Mrs. Mendoza is a really great teacher and is very helpful when students have a problem.”

Joslyn is an active and engaged learner whose natural curiosity draws her to many different subjects. But the one she loves most is science. “My favorite subject is science,” Joslyn explains, “because it is fun and interesting.”

Though she has never attended a traditional school, Joslyn recognizes one of the biggest advantages of online learning – flexibility. “What works well for me is being able to learn at my own pace.” The ability for students to approach the material in the way that works best for them isn’t part of the traditional curriculum at brick-and-mortar schools. 

I love Kansas Connections Academy because it allows me to make the best decisions for me and my learning.

— Joslyn

Happy Bouncing

The flexibility that the school offers Joslyn and her family means that they can balance schoolwork with everything else that goes into being a kid. “Kansas Connections Academy helps me by letting me set my own schedule and routine,” Joslyn says. “I do my lessons first and then when I’m done I go play outside.”