Succeeding in School

“What interested us most was the flexibility and the unique approach to learning,” she says. “My student can work at her own pace and get one-on-one help when needed.”

Like just about all parents, Estie herself had attended brick-and-mortar schools when she was a student, learning in the traditional way in traditional classrooms. At first, she wondered whether online learning would all work smoothly. But she has seen “the ease with which my student can access her lessons and how easy it has been for her to get the lessons done and completed.”

And like just about all parents, she pays close attention to the results. “Her grades prove … that she is succeeding at Kansas Connections Academy.”

My student can work at her own pace and get one-on-one help when needed.

— Estie

Helping and Involved

One of the most important differences between traditional schooling and Kansas Connections Academy is the involvement of the parents. For Estie, this is among her favorite aspects of the school. “What I like best is the ability to be involved in what my student is learning,” she says, “and helping her understand why it’s important.”

Learning about science is a perfect example. In fact, it is her daughter’s favorite subject. “She enjoys the experiments and I enjoy watching her learn about new things,” Estie reports. “We do the experiments together so that we can both learn about the world.”