Justin Foust

Justin Foust

Graduate Student

Justin Foust is a recent graduate from Indiana Connections Career Academy (INCC). Justin liked INCC because of the teachers’ willingness to help him learn the material even when he doesn’t understand it. He shares his story below:

“What interested me the most was that the teachers seemed very helpful, unlike other online schools. After being with INCC, I’ve found that the teachers answer right away and are pretty good at grading within a couple of days. I can do school in the morning and then go to work, whether it is at the internship through the school or my real jobs. It just works great with my schedule.

Indiana Connections Career Academy is 100 percent completely different from the other schools that I went to. Other schools just gave us work and expected us to know it all. They didn’t have LiveLesson sessions or anything. It was all by books. English is my favorite subject because I’ve always had trouble in English, and now that I understand it more I can correct myself on how to word things in narratives or essays.

What I like most is that the teachers are helpful and are willing to help you learn the material when you don’t understand it.

— Justin

I am interested in a career in public safety. It has always been a dream to follow my dad, uncles, and really good family friends who were in the fire department. I have now been able to follow in their footsteps as an intern at a fire department through the school and fulfill my dreams. I am currently doing an internship through a fire department that I grew up in when my dad was working there.

After I graduate, I am going to put my application in at the fire department and start helping people out. I want to give thanks to the teachers from 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade classes for the help they’ve given me in understanding the work that I needed to know to get me on the right track to be able to do the job that I can do to this day.”