Hope Wierzbicki

Hope Wierzbicki

High School

Hope W. is a high school student at Indiana Connections Career Academy (INCC). INCC works well for Hope because it allows her to work at her own pace, as long as she gets things done. She shares her story below:

“I was interested in INCC because I wanted to take online courses in American Sign Language (ASL). My favorite subjects are ASL and health and wellness. Health and wellness teaches me about real-world problems, like nutrition and disease prevention, and how to help people lead better lives,” said Hope. “I have a close connection with my teachers, and they always ensure that my grades are up to par. Connections Academy is different from my previous school because everyone is so accepting and there is less stress and worry around schoolwork and projects.

I’m passionate about ASL, ukulele, and art. I manage my schedule around my interests by putting schoolwork first and using any extra time I have left in the evening and nighttime to practice.

I love Connections Academy because you can take classes on topics you want to learn about and everyone is so accepting.

— Hope

My plans after graduation are to go to college and get my associate degree. I am interested in becoming an ASL interpreter or a youth minister. Connections Academy has helped prepare me for my future by teaching me about behavioral strategies and about the real world outside of school for when I become an adult.”