Claudia Williams

Claudia Williams

Graduate Student

Claudia Williams is a recent graduate from Indiana Connections Career Academy (INCC). She was first interested in INCC because the school offered a lot more courses that would benefit her and help her further her interest in a health career. She shares her story below:

“I am planning to go to Ivy Tech for their nursing program. Indiana Connections Career Academy has helped because I have more of a grasp on what the health field is about and the terminology of it. Thank you to my advisory teacher, Ms. Stasik!

My relationships with my teachers were really good—way better than at my previous school. They were all nice and helpful, and they wanted me to succeed. My favorite subjects are health education and psychology. The classes were informative in the science of health and are interesting as well. INCC worked well for me because I am a night owl, and I could do my schoolwork when I wanted to. INCC is different because it is less stressful and focuses more on you rather than a whole class.”

I love Indiana Connections Career Academy because I don’t have to stand up in front of the class or ask questions in front of the whole class.

— Claudia