STEAM courses empower students to think critically and creatively while honing their problem-solving skills. 

What Does STEAM Stand For?

STEAM (STEM + the ARTS) STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. This integrated approach to learning at Indiana online school encourages students to think more broadly about real-world problems. 


Middle school students work on STEAM robot -  Connections Academy

What are the Key Features to a STEAM Education?

At Indiana Connections Career Academy, there are 3 primary features of a STEAM focused education for students: Connection, Collaboration, and Project Based Learning.  

  • Courses for online school in Indiana are tailored to tie students back to their community, giving them the opportunity to think through local, real world problems and solutions.  
  • Sparking students’ curiosity about the world around them and empowering them to change it for the better.  
  • Exploratory, cooperative, and immersive learning. 
  • Allows students to express themselves and their ideas creatively.
  • Student-centric learning that emphasizes hands-on experiences including field trips to museums, zoos, business tours, and many more!
  • Allow students to engage with professional speakers in fields that they are interested in.

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