Mother and teenage daughter work at laptop together

Planning Tools

The Connections Academy personalized student planner shows a student's schedule of upcoming lessons and activities on one convenient page. The web-based planner can be viewed in a detailed day view or the more general month-at-a-glance view.

The activities listed on the custom planner are linked to allow you to view details of an event or the content of a lesson. Events that are entered on the family calendar will appear on the planners for all students in the family. The parent can use this feature to prevent lessons from being scheduled at those times.

In high school, it is important for students to move along in their studies at roughly the same pace as others within a section. A high school student’s online planner reflects this with a set schedule that is followed. Flexibility remains in the order and time that lessons are completed each day.

The attendance tool allows Learning Coaches to enter and review attendance for all of their students with only a few mouse clicks.