College and Career Prep Clubs

High School Career Club

This club encourages students to learn about potential careers and explore fields that interest them. Members are introduced to budgets and create one based upon future lifestyle choices and the average income of their researched careers. Members review and discuss skills for success, transferable skills, and skills that enable high school students to embrace and succeed in their high school program. Finally, members engage in career activities including building a resume, finding and applying for jobs and internship opportunities, and developing interview strategies and techniques. This club enables students to transition from high school with more direction in mind, making them more likely to embrace and succeed in a postsecondary program that prepares them for pursuing their career interests

College Planning Club

This club, designed for students who are interested in college, guides members through the college preparation and admissions process and also discusses college planning, building a resume, identifying career interests and potential majors, researching colleges, completing applications, and identifying financial aid and scholarship opportunities. LiveLesson ® sessions and Message Boards provide support and encourage discussion as participants develop a portfolio that includes elements sought by college admissions committees.

First-Generation Student Club

Designed for students in who aspire to be the first in their families to graduate from college, this club provides mentoring, advice, and personal development activities to help them understand, plan, and prepare for the college application and admissions process. First-Generation Club members will learn about college admissions requirements and how they differ from high school graduation requirements, the importance of extracurricular activities, and how to build a student resume. Interest inventories will be used, and members will learn how to research colleges based upon their identified interests and majors. The college application process will be reviewed; members will learn how to complete applications. Finally, financial aid and scholarship opportunities will be introduced, and members will learn more about the resources and support offered to first-generation students. LiveLesson sessions and Message Boards support and encourage discussion as members develop a portfolio that includes elements sought by college admissions committees.

Guest Speakers

The First-Generation Club had the following speakers present to our members on programs geared to support first-generation students.

Chelsea Jones, Associate Director of Student Programs - Center for Student Opportunity/I'm First

Chelsea presented the I’m First website, which provides online student mentoring, video messaging, fly-in and visit program information, and scholarship opportunities for first-generation students. Chelsea also hosts Google+ Hangouts—an opportunity for first-generation students to talk, ask questions, and get advice.

Charlie Bain, High School Partnership Specialist – CollegeWeekLive

Charlie presented CollegeWeekLive, an online college fair website and resource, to the College Planning Club and First-Generation Club members. Charlie explored the website during the presentation, demonstrating how students can use the available tools and resources to schedule appointments with member colleges, talk with current college students, attend online fairs, and access recorded professional presentations—on financial aid, scholarships, writing the college essay, and other topics—provided by CollegeWeekLive.