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Meet Our Indiana Connections Career Academy School Principal

Stephanie Chi


Stephanie Chi

Stephanie Chi is the principal of Indiana Connections Career Academy (INCC). She shares her leadership approach and goals below:

“As a leader, it is my imperative to challenge those around me to imagine even greater realities. There is a spark in me that drives me to make my organization better—to lead my colleagues toward a better version of our school and of a better version of themselves as educators. Power is an elusive concept; leadership is a pragmatic one.

My pedagogy is based on facilitating meaningful experiences and deep learning. My leadership practices rely on the same approach. I seek always to share those things I already know and understand, and to continually grow my knowledge and understanding with the help of others. In the classroom, I learn from my students, and in my organization, I learn from my colleagues.

My responsibility is to provide the framework through which meaningful relationships can coalesce, and to guide the ideas generated through these relationships in a positive, constructive direction. Leadership is not an entity that resides in isolation; leadership must be distributed throughout an organization. And in order for such a practice to thrive, communication must be rich and ongoing.”


  • Master of arts, English education, Brooklyn College
  • Bachelor of arts, English literature, Michigan State University