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  • Earn Your High School Diploma Online for Free

    by Valerie Kirk

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    In today’s world, the path to high school graduation no longer has to be a straight line from the neighborhood elementary school to your local school district’s brick-and-mortar high school. As students grow and change, so do their learning needs, causing students to explore other options, including private, charter, and virtual schools, to continue their learning journey.

    As students and families explore their school choices, they are often left wondering how to earn a high school diploma online for free.   

    One way is at a public virtual high school like Connections Academy. Just like in a public brick-and-mortar school, where students don’t pay tuition and receive their high school diplomas for free, students at public virtual high schools don’t pay tuition and earn their high school diploma online for free.  


    The Benefits of Online High School 

    Choosing the right school is one of the hardest decisions that parents have to make. There are many reasons why parents may want to explore different school options for their student, and many find that virtual school fits their specific needs. Virtual school offers:

    Read some of the stories from online school students about their journeys to earn a high school diploma online and see how online school benefits each student’s individual needs.


    Graduation Requirements to Earn a Free Online High School Diploma  

    High school graduation requirements for accredited online high schools are set by the state where the school is based and mirror the state’s brick-and-mortar schools’ graduation requirements. Students enrolled in both types of public schools typically do the same number of credit hours, attend school the same number of hours/days, and must pass the same or similar state competency tests to graduate and receive their online high school diploma.

    Virtual high schools have guidance counselors who help guide students in their course selection to ensure they meet the state guidelines to receive their high school diploma. Many virtual schools also offer solutions to support students who may be missing credits.  

    Many virtual schools also offer in-person graduation ceremonies where students are presented with their high school diploma. Students can celebrate their achievement with friends and family!


    Costs for Public Virtual Schools 

    Public virtual schools are tuition-free, but there are some things families are responsible for. Depending on the grade, technology can play a significant part in the online school experience. Many virtual schools provide computers to their students at no cost. Virtual school families often find having a working computer helpful to have near the student’s learning space—especially if their student is enrolled in middle school or high school online.   

    Required texts and instructional materials, which can be either digital or physical depending on your student’s grade level and state, are also provided at no cost. Virtual school students need most of the same supplies as brick-and-mortar public school students, which must be purchased by the family. This includes school supplies like pencils, erasers, and notebooks. 

    Public virtual schools don’t charge fees to earn a high school diploma online. To graduate, students must simply meet their state’s graduation requirements.


    Application Process for Online School

    It’s never too late to transfer to online school and get your student on the path to earn their free high school diploma online. You can join one of Connections Academy’s information sessions to learn more about public virtual schools and the application process.  

    Learn more about how virtual school can help your student earn a high school diploma online for free. 

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