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Esilda Ross

School Leader

MEd, Educational Leadership, Stetson University; BA, Spanish, Stetson University

My Teaching Background and Experience

I began teaching at Florida Connections Academy in 2007 and have always been drawn to and have loved children. I also love learning, and realized very quickly that teaching young students is one of the most rewarding careers out there. My greatest joy is seeing individuals achieve their greatest potential. This holds true for both faculty and staff, as well as students. I think humans are meant to be challenged, continuously growing, and learning in life. I feel immense pride watching this occur in all individuals.

The Benefits of Online Learning

Online schools offer students and families the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their schedule. Students can slow down in a subject they struggle with or speed up in a subject they excel in.

I am amazed by how well the teachers get to know our students and their families in online school! Not only do we get to work closely with students where they are and how they learn, we also get to meet their families and have a better understanding of the dynamics of their home lives.

"I love meeting students and families on our field trips across the state."

—  Ms.Ross