Susan Bunnell

Elementary School Teacher

Ms. Bunnell is an elementary school teacher at California Connections Academy. She began her teaching career in 2004 and joined Connections Academy in 2012. Ms. Bunnell received a bachelor of arts in liberal studies from California State University, Stanislaus. She also earned a master of science in psychology from the University of Phoenix, and an Administrative Credential from CSU Stanislaus.

When asked to share more about her perspectives on teaching, Ms. Bunnell said the following:

“I had always known that I would become a teacher. I love working with children and watching them learn. I have the ability to connect with them and help them become successful students. I love teaching at California Connections Academy because as a teacher I am able to give them one-on-one guidance and an education that they deserve. Teaching at Connections Academy enables me to connect with students on an individual and personal level. My number one priority is connecting with my students.

I believe in my students and know that each one of them has the ability to learn. As a teacher, I challenge them, expect them to do their best, and encourage them to take responsibility for their learning.

"I love teaching at California Connections Academy because as a teacher I am able to give [my students] one-on-one guidance and an education that they deserve."

— Ms. Bunnell

One of the benefits of teaching at an online school is that I am able to connect not only with my students, but also with their families. There is a strong bond that is created between the teacher, student, and Learning Coach.

One thing I would tell a prospective parent as he or she is making the decision to enroll a child in Connections Academy is that our school offers an individualized education for every child. If you are thinking about enrolling your student, we offer a flexible schedule that allows each individual to work at his or her own pace.”


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