Marcus White

Elementary School Principal

Marcus White is the elementary school principal at California Connections Academy. Mr. White has a BA in Social Science and an MA in Teaching from Chapman University. He has worked in administration for more than 13 years and joined California Connections Academy in 2013.

Mr. White chose to become an educator because he wished to help people and do good in the world. Based on his own personal educational journey, he felt there was no better way to do that than by working in education and with kids. Since not a lot of men work in elementary schools, he felt he could add value by working with younger students. He loves history and enjoyed teaching social studies in elementary classrooms.

“What I enjoy most about working with students at California Connections Academy is the fact that my team and I can impact student learning with direct instruction to enhance students’ skill levels. It is magical when that takes place. Often when students join our school, they are all over the place with their confidence and academics. It is a joy to reinforce the great qualities students have when they come here and we work with them on the skills they need. I really enjoy getting to know students and their families.

“It is a joy to reinforce the great qualities students have when they come here and we work with them on the skills they need.”

— Mr. White

As California Connections Academy is a school of choice, I strive to ensure that my team and I offer great customer service. I want students to feel that they are welcome in the school. It is so important to have actual live conversations with students and families. Teachers often offer LiveLesson sessions to welcome students at the beginning of the semester. Teachers seek to create a safe space in the virtual classroom and work to ensure that students treat each other with respect. Their communications with students and families are critical.

My favorite thing every day is helping our students. In our virtual environment, this focus of helping others is expanded as teachers get to work closely with parents as well. I also truly enjoy working with our great teachers. We are making a difference in our world and making great things happen!”


Markus White
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