Image of Heather Tamayo

Heather Tamayo

Middle School Principal

Bachelors in History from California State University, Long Beach; Masters in Cross-Cultural Education from National University; Masters in Educational Administration from California State University, San Bernardino.

Heather Tamayo is the Middle School Principal at California Connections Academy. She started teaching in 2005 and started working as an administrator at California Connections Academy in June 2012. She shares her story below:

Why I Became an Educator

“I got started in education because I loved teaching kids and showing them that they can be strong writers and just how fascinating history is. I enjoy light bulb moments when you see kids ‘get it,” knowing that you just unlocked a door for them. I love knowing that my work helps to shape kids minds in a positive way, and hopefully bolsters their confidence in themselves.

The Benefits of K-12 Learning

I love so much about working for California Connections Academy. One of the biggest factors is that we’re serving kids who may not have thrived in the brick and mortar setting who came here to find a home. In a virtual setting, you can connect with them more deeply and create relationships that you’re not always able to foster in the brick and mortar setting.

In middle school we have an extensive offering of LiveLesson® sessions. We encourage students to be on camera in a small group setting and have their microphones ready any time they are in a LiveLesson ®. Our teachers offer dynamic, engaging sessions using powerful technology tools that bring students into the learning process and encourage meaningful interaction among students.

“California Connections Academy develops independent learners who understand how to advocate for themselves and ask questions that contribute to their personal success.”

— Ms. Tamayo

Message for Prospective Families Choosing Online School

At California Connections Academy we have an outstanding group of educators who are deeply invested in our students’ success and look to develop a strong relationship with both students and Learning Coaches.”