Image of Dr. Franci Sassin 

Dr. Franci Sassin 

Director of Business Services

Bachelor of Arts, Biology, University of California, San Diego; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), University of California, Davis 

Background and Experience

Dr. Sassin began her professional career as a veterinarian. After becoming a parent, she began directing her energy into the field of education, and has been working with charter schools for over 20 years. Before joining California Connections Academy as an administrator in 2013, Dr. Sassin performed financial and compliance consulting work for over 10 years for three charter schools, including the California Connections Academy schools. She shares more below.

Why I Chose to Work in Education

When my own children were young, I was looking for options I wanted for their school. I learned about charter schools and decided to help open the first parent-initiated charter school in Orange County. Now my favorite part of my job is learning about the stories and accomplishments of our California Connections Academy students.

The Online School Experience at California Connections Academy

The school helps students learn to take initiative within their own education. It helps them learn how to create an educational experience tailored to them, and then take that experience forward into their future careers. I enjoy supporting an organization that allows students to access a high level of education from anywhere.

In the Business Services department, we provide support for staff and families. As part of the mission and goals of our department, we focus on having a positive community experience whenever anyone is interacting with our team members.