Dan Hertzler

Dan Hertzler

Director of Business Services

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies, The Master’s University; CLAD (Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development) Teaching Credential, California State University; Master of Arts Degree in Educational Administration, California State University; Clear Administrative Services Credential, California State University

Dan Hertzler started teaching at California Connections Academy in 2019, where he teaches social studies and U.S. history. His favorite part of the job is knowing that the work he’s doing is changing people’s lives and helping them in a positive way.

Why I Became a Teacher

I initially planned to work in youth ministry, but found a job as a long-term substitute teacher and really enjoyed it. After receiving my teaching credential, I worked for an alternative education school in Compton, California. I enjoyed the one-on-one interaction with students, particularly those who needed a champion. I became the assistant principal at schools in Compton, Watts, and the San Gabriel Valley, and went on to become the principal at a Los Angeles-region school site.

The Online School Experience at California Connections Academy

At this school, we work to quickly change the perception that online education is isolating for students. The relationship-building begins from the minute a teacher calls the family to welcome them. 

I really enjoy the diversity of students here and work with a wide range of students. Some are in challenging life situations, some are aspiring athletes, and there are many others. Our approach to supporting students is individualized and unique. Because our students are in a variety of life situations, we use different approaches to help them learn. If a student needs extra support, they have easy access to teachers. 

What Families Considering This School Should Keep in Mind

California Connections Academy enables students to balance their studies and personal life. No matter where you live, this school can provide a high-quality education while allowing your student to participate in extracurricular activities and pursue their dreams. A traditional school setting causes some students anxiety; this school provides a high-quality alternative.  

One way California Connections Academy helps prepare students for a successful future is by strengthening their time-management skills. Whether a student goes on to college or does something else, it’s important for them to be able to manage their time. 

“Students here always come first. They’re never alone and know that our staff is only a phone call or text away.”

— Mr. Hertzler