California Connections Academy Staff

Our team of school staff and credentialed teachers are dedicated to helping our students learn how they learn best. Meet our staff including some of the 300+ teachers at California Connections Academy.

School Leader

Dr. Richard Savage

Executive Director

The innovative world of online learning is at the forefront of the future of education. It affords the staff at California Connections Academy the opportunity to engage students in many different ways.

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Mr. White

Elementary School Principal


Ms. Tamayo

Middle School Principal


Ms. Mannix

High School Principal


Ms. Hardy

Director of Counseling



Ms. Atilano

Elementary School


Ms. De

High School Biology


Mr. Jaimes

High School Spanish


Ms. Powell

High School English


Mr. Bakhos

High School


Ms. Bunnell

Elementary School


Ms. Deckert

Sixth-Grade Language Arts


Ms. Ehrke

High School


Mr. Elizondo

Middle School Math


Mr. Felias

Middle School Math


Ms. George

Elementary School


Ms. Hager

Middle School Science


Ms. Hodges

Middle School


Ms. Hurley

Elementary School


Ms. Short



Mr. Todoroff

High School English

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