Ngaio Nobumoto


Ngaio Nobumoto is a 2013 California Connections Academy graduate. He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. At Connections Academy, Ngaio was able to succeed in his studies while also pursuing his interests in photography, music, and competitive ski racing. He shares more about his experience at the school below:

"Connections Academy was always extremely accommodating. I enrolled in 2006, and found it to be a very unique and surprisingly effective method of learning. The most valuable aspect of the school to me was the ability to work around my busy schedule. As a Connections Academy student, you aren't tied down to eight-hour school days; you can work at a time that works best for you, and the instructors and staff are willing to help you meet your academic goals. I had the freedom to travel with the Snow Summit Race Team for ski racing events, and spend time with my grandmother when she needed me.

While it is a relaxed learning environment, it is no excuse for laziness! Connections Academy is still a school, and like any educational program, it requires an effort in order to succeed. The curriculum that the school offers was certainly challenging for me, but I walked away with the feeling that I had actually learned something.

"I was able to organize my time according to my own schedule, and Connections Academy gave me the benefit of spending time with my grandmother when she needed me—and for all of this, I am very grateful."

— Ngaio

I am grateful for Connections Academy's administration, instructors, and students. The school had an incredible, positive impact in my life which I will hold dearly forever."

Ngaio received three gold medals as a member of the Snow Summit Race team. He was also the fastest Development Team Racers participant during the 2019–2010 season.

After graduating from Connections Academy, Ngaio received his associate of applied science degree in paralegal studies. He is now a criminal justice major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he participates in many extracurricular activities such as photography, music, and flying. Ngaio currently holds a private pilot certificate and instrument rating, and hopes to one day become a career pilot.


California Connections Academy
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