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Kiefer Cart is a graduate of California Connections Academy. He joined the school in his junior year of high school and graduated in 2014. His sister, Haley, is also a graduate of California Connections Academy. Kiefer now lives in Long Beach, California. He shares his story below.

“What impressed me most when I joined California Connections Academy was the wide variety of classes. I felt very limited in the program at my former high school and was happy to see more options. I was also happy that I had the freedom to work at my own pace, while receiving support from the Connections Academy team.

I began seeking out a virtual school because I was interested in an environment that was free from the distractions I was experiencing at my high school such as cliques, bullying, and peer pressure. I also wanted to finish my A-G requirements to move forward to college.

"After graduating [from Connections Academy], I could see an improvement in my critical thinking and time management skills."

— Kiefer

While attending Connections Academy, I suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for nine days. I needed to have a medical device inserted into my heart to avoid future strokes. I suffered some neurological setbacks, but thanks to the supportive staff at Connections Academy, I was able to work at a pace that my doctors were comfortable with, and still accomplish my own personal goals and graduate on time.

As of 2015, I am currently an assistant for a local small business. My goals for the future include acquiring a bachelor’s in communications and business followed by a degree in computer science. I am applying for California State University’s fall semester to begin a communications degree. In the meantime, I study computer science and program languages, as well as attend the gym daily to reach my personal fitness goals. Every day I try to study a few hours in my computer programming class. So far, I have learned coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, and even Ruby on Rails®, which is used to produce web-based applications.”


California Connections Academy
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