Ede Vuong

High School Student

Ede Vuong is a high school student at California Connections Academy. She enrolled in California Connections Academy because she was curious about the freedom the program provides students and was excited to be part of the online school system. Ede tells more about herself below:

“What I like about California Connections Academy is that I can complete my lessons with scheduling flexibility and also that class LiveLessonⓇ sessions are recorded,” she said. “It really helps with allowing me to spend more time either studying for the classes I struggle with the most or doing career-related extracurricular activities.

Before and during my freshman year of high school, I attended a bricks-and-mortar school; as a result, I can definitely say that the Connections Academy experience has been very different in positive ways. For example, my daily schedule to do both school and extracurricular activities has become more flexible. Working from home, I can be more efficient with my time while learning. Because of Connections Academy, I have been given more time to freely pursue my dream of becoming an artist.

"The thing I like the most about Connections Academy is the freedom it gives me to use more time to pursue my career and spend more time with family."

— Ede

My favorite subjects are AP English Language and Composition and Art Club. In my AP English class, I spent the year reading and analyzing interesting nonfiction and practicing writing for the AP Exam. In addition, the portfolio assignments were both challenging and interestingly varied. My teacher really helped me to improve my reading and writing skills throughout the year. In Art Club, it was very enjoyable to learn to view artwork from students across the nation, present artwork, and teach a wide audience.

I have a good relationship with my teachers. They have always been great mentors to me, and they never fail to answer questions whenever I’m having trouble with an assignment or subject. In addition, it’s always enjoyable and helpful to call them or talk to them at school events.

I enjoy talking with friends during LiveLesson sessions and through WebMail messages. My friends and I also talk very often over text messages or calls. I especially enjoy talking about Japanese anime stories and artistic techniques used in making them.

After high school, I definitely plan to attend a four-year state university and continue to pursue a career in illustration. California Connections Academy has prepared me with its rigorous math and English courses, which have helped me to study for the SAT and other standardized tests.

I plan to become a well-known and popular professional comic artist after high school, so during this whole year I’ve been working with my family to start a character illustration studio. Because California Connections Academy allows for more changes to my class schedule, I can work on classes during the weekend or on holidays without having to worry about missing out on assignments.”


California Connections Academy
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