Alfredo Rodriguez

Middle School Student

Alfredo Rodriguez is a middle school student at California Connections Academy. He lives in Carlsbad, California, with his family, including his twin, Isabella, who is also a Connections Academy student. Alfredo’s mother shares his story below.

"We chose an online school because it fits well with our family and lifestyle. We like being able to participate in our children’s education and having the organization, flexibility, and structure Connections Academy provides. We are able to spend more time on a subject if needed, or advance more quickly. We also feel secure knowing that our children are protected from negative outside influences, including bullying.

Alfredo was interested in Connections Academy because of the independent study. He can work in his own time with a flexible schedule. What really makes it work for Alfredo is the organization and having a system to follow; he likes perfection and is a follower. He enjoys learning at home with me. His favorite subjects are math and science, and his least favorite is physical education, but he likes the yoga classes.

"I love California Connections Academy because I have fun learning with Mom. I have fun times and free time, and I make projects."

— Afredo

Alfredo is a very affectionate, respectful, and happy little boy. He is sensitive and considers other people’s feelings. He likes to tell stories and laugh out loud; his laugh is very contagious. He is very social, always focused on good manners and being a little gentleman.

Outside of school, Alfredo is passionate about finding out how things work and building things with LEGO and similar educational toys. He loves to be indoors, building and creating something new using his imagination."


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