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Online Middle School in California

As students enter the middle school years, the need for independence increases. While they still need adult support, they also crave the opportunity to be responsible for their own actions. Our middle school curriculum at California Connections Academy has been uniquely designed to address these needs.

The academy’s Learning Coaches are here to support our students, and we also give them an appropriate amount of space to take responsibility for their own learning.

Online Curriculum and Academic Partners

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Support for Online Middle School Students in California

Providing the adequate support to our students is vital to ensure their success. Students have the opportunity to work with expert subject area teachers, guidance counselors, or an advisory teacher. Our teacher-led virtual instruction and LiveLesson® sessions provide our students different environments where they can learn and thrive. These platforms also allow students to interact with their peers and develop team-building skills.

Online Course Electives and Activities

Variety is the key to captivate a student’s attention. Our California online middle school program offers students exposure to different subjects and activities suitable for their age. California Connections Academy also has various school clubs and activities to keep them active and involved. With clubs ranging from dramatic arts to chess club, your child is sure to find a motivating and fun extracurricular activity.

The California Connections Academy online program also has a gifted students program available at the middle school level to ensure that gifted students are being challenged. They can also take high school level courses and receive credit for them. Our affiliation with the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) provides our students with opportunities to serve their community and be awarded for their achievements. We also provide leadership development and information about college scholarships.

AVID Elective Course

AVID: California Connections Academy offers AVID, an elective class that meets three times a week to help middle school students prepare for college. AVID provides the academic, social, and emotional support that will help students succeed in the school's most rigorous courses with:  

  • Extra tutor support 
  • Curriculum to develop Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading (WICOR) 
  • Guidance to practice effective note taking and study skills 
  • Presentations to explore different colleges and careers 
  • Field Trips to experience college environment

Students are selected to take part in this elective via an application and interview process.

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