California Online High School Program

Today’s students are native speakers of the digital language that has created new and exciting opportunities. At California Connections Academy, we have designed a free online high school program that works with high school students to provide them with an educational experience that they can relate to.

Our high school curriculum highlights the technological skills that high school students need to prepare for their future. Not only does the academy have the accredited online core courses required by the state, but also various online high school courses that students can explore. This variety helps students make the best decision for the path that they want to take: attending college or starting a career.

Online High School Courses in California

California Connections Academy offers diverse coursework because we understand that high school students need options and the best advice to help them make educated decisions. The following table demonstrates just a few courses available:

Core and Elective Courses

Includes national and state required subjects, such as English, mathematics, science, etc. We also have exciting electives to choose from such as world languages, journalism, and digital technology.
Honors and Advanced PlacementⓇ* Courses

Students who are interested in a specific subject and want to explore it a little more have the option of taking honors or AP courses. This provides them with more challenging and stimulating content.
College Courses

Colleges and high schools have teamed up to give students the opportunity to take college courses. They can earn high school credit and college credit at the same time.
NCAA-Approved Courses

California Connections Academy offers accredited certification programs. This means that once students complete the program, they have met the criteria to work as professionals in their chosen area. Click here for the options available.
a–g Approved Courses

For students interested in studying at the University of California or California State University, there are certain courses that students need to take to be minimally eligible for admission. California Connections Academy offers approved courses to help equip students for their future higher education studies. These courses include in-person Science wet labs as well online visual and performing arts courses such as: AP Art History, Art History, Introduction to Graphic Design, Living Music I, Living Music II, Speech and Debate.

For more information, review the high school sample lessons and read about California Connection Academy's academic partners.

View Examples of Typical Course Sequences for High School and College

Support and Guidance

California Connections Academy virtual students are never alone. They have continual support from our team who work with students to map out current needs and future projections. Counselors and Learning Coaches assist in the tutoring process, and help students develop the best plan to set goals and reach their milestones. Expert and qualified teachers also work with students to ensure that they are receiving the best educational experience possible in their studies.

Preparing for Graduation and Beyond

California Connections Academy not only works hard to provide a safe and motivating educational environment, but we also help students prepare for the world after high school. Various services include:

Graduating CalCA Students
  • A College Planning Club that helps students gain perspective and direction.
  • Certified school counselors to guide online students.
  • Support in designing a four-year educational strategy
  • College and career planning that includes help in finding the right college, financial aid and scholarships, information and access to college entry tests, and finding career opportunities.
  • Workshops that help virtual students understand the college application process.

Our affiliation with the National Honor Society (NHS) provides our students with information about college scholarships and leadership development, as well as opportunities to serve their community and be awarded for their achievements.

Activities and programs at California Connections Academy provide students with the right support to help them with the transition from a fully online high school to whatever path they have chosen. One of our aims is to prepare our students to participate in a fast and ever changing world productively and positively.

AVID: California Connections Academy offers AVID, an elective class that meets three times a week to help the academic middle high school student prepare for college. AVID provides the academic, social, and emotional support that will help students succeed in the school's most rigorous courses with:  

  • Extra tutor support 
  • Curriculum to develop Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading (WICOR) 
  • Guidance to practice effective note taking and study skills 
  • Presentations to explore different colleges and careers 
  • Field Trips to experience college environment

Students are selected to take part in this elective via an application and interview process.


Interacting in a Virtual Classroom

High school students feed on technology; therefore, interacting in a virtual classroom is not a novelty. Students at California Connections Academy are able to access all of their materials, lessons, and their teachers anywhere and anytime. Our LiveLesson® technology provides students a user-friendly platform where they can hand in assignments and track progress. Students also have the opportunity to interact in a live virtual classroom environment. Learn More about the Technology.

Experience High School Your Way

California Connections Academy offers a non-conventional path to learning. If you are looking for something new and unique with the student’s needs in mind, contact Connections Academy to see how we can work together to help you or your student achieve educational success.

* AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

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Experience High School Your Way

If you’re looking for a new, exciting alternative to the traditional classroom setting, check out our resources for teens to learn more about the benefits of enrolling in a virtual high school program.

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