Career Technical Education: Preparing for Life after High School

When our students graduate high school, we want to make sure that they are ready for their next step. It is important for us to add value to each student’s educational experience. We believe that by offering different opportunities to learn and become proficient in an area of their choice, our students will have access to fantastic opportunities.

Career Technical Education (CTE) courses are designed to equip students with the skills necessary to be proficient in the workplace. California Connections Academy has a variety of CTE courses that encourage students to explore different possibilities and opportunities. The range of courses available includes psychology, finance, marketing, and criminal justice. Each course has been designed according to rigorous standards to prepare students effectively for future education and careers. Courses are divided into clusters, which define the specific skills and knowledge needed to be successful in that area of expertise. These clusters also help with the design of individualized student plans and objectives.

Proven Success Rate of Career Technical Education

CTE classes are more specific and hands on, which means that students can gain a better understanding of different procedures and processes while they are learning. This important factor motivates students to continue with their studies because they can see the end results and the practicality of what is being taught. It makes sense to them. Students are also acquiring employable, technical, and job-specific skills that are transferable to the workplace and attract prospective employers.