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Denise Keen

California Connections Academy teacher Ms. Caseri

Denise Keen is middle school math teacher at California Connections Academy. Her son, Jacob, is a student at the school. Mrs. Keen joined the Connections Academy community in 2013. She earned her bachelor of general studies degree and her master’s degree in teaching mathematics from Texas Woman’s University. She shares more about her teaching career below.

"In 2005, I decided to return to the work force after remaining home with my children for several years. I began working as an instructional aide because it afforded me an opportunity to work during the hours that my children were in school. It did not take long for me to realize that I was exactly where I belonged, as I truly enjoyed helping my students learn, so I began taking classes to earn my degree in teaching.

As a California Connections Academy teacher, I am able to develop better relationships with my students and their families, which equates to a better understanding of my student’s needs. Teaching for an online school allows me to focus on the unique needs of all of my students, not just those who make their presence most known. Additionally, I am able to give more of myself and my time to them, as there is no lost energy or time due to classroom management issues.

Students at California Connections Academy learn to become independent learners who know how to self-advocate, and to reach out to their teachers for support rather than wait for the teacher to come to them. They also have an opportunity to attend field trips and meet their classmates face-to-face. Our students are able to explore many aspects of the technological world around them as well—an opportunity that will serve them very well in their future endeavors.

Connections Academy offers students an excellent education that encourages academic and emotional growth; however, a student can only be successful with the right support system at home. If parents want to receive the benefits of a Connections Academy education and are ready to commit themselves their child’s education, then I encourage them to give Connections Academy a try. My son’s confidence and independence have sky rocketed since enrolling with the school.

Outside of teaching, my family is my world—I enjoy traveling, exploring, and having fun with them! I also like baking, cooking, and crafting."

California Connections Academy offers students an excellent education that encourages academic and emotional growth.
— Ms. Keen