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Riley Rydin

California Connections Academy student Riley

Riley Rydin is a high school student at California Connections Academy. He lives in North Hollywood, California, with his parents and grandparents. As an actor aggressively pursuing his career, Riley needs the flexibility to attend auditions and work on location. Connections Academy makes it possible for him to pursue his dreams and get a high-quality education at the same time. Riley tells his story in his own words below.

"I was born in Corvallis, Oregon, and at a very early age I expressed a desire to act on television and in movies. When I was about three years old, I was watching Sesame Street, and I remember thinking, ‘That’s what I want to do!’ I asked my mom, ‘How can I do that?’ and my mom said that I probably had to live in either New York or Los Angeles. Little did I know that five years later I would be actively pursuing my dream in Hollywood!

I now live in Los Angeles, and I have a wonderful manager and top-notch agents who, along with my family, are helping me with my acting career. I take lots of classes, and I go out on auditions every week. I’ve been fortunate enough to do work on a number of Disney shows like Zeke and Luther and Good Luck, Charlie, along with network shows like The Middle, Parenthood, and Parks and Recreation. I love doing student films and commercials, too. I also booked a national commercial for GoGurt, so if you watch shows on Disney or Nickelodeon, you just might see me!

We chose an online school because acting requires being available for auditions at all times of the day, and when you are shooting a project, you can be on the set for days at a time. I really like Connections Academy because it allows the flexibility for me to pursue my dreams, yet it also provides a very challenging and motivating place for me to learn. The regular field trips and LiveLesson ® sessions allow me to interact with other kids, and I really enjoy the combination of online computer use and actual textbooks and workbooks. My favorite subjects are social studies, French, and art, and my least favorite subject is math, although I do pretty well at it.

Along with acting, I love hanging out with my friends, riding my bike, swimming, and playing videogames. I also love writing short stories, screenplays, and comics. I’m also a huge fan of The Muppets and would love to meet Kermit the Frog someday."

What I like most about California Connections Academy is that it really fits my schedule and learning style. I feel like I can actively pursue my dreams without its taking away from getting a great education.
— Riley