Ethan Burgess

California Connections Academy student Ethan

Ethan Burgess is a middle school student at California Connections Academy. He lives with his family in Stockton, California. He has two older brothers, Duncan, who is also a student at Connections Academy, and Conner, who recently graduated from Connections Academy. Ethan tells more about himself below:

“I wanted to come to California Connections Academy because I was not being taught at my learning level and was incredibly bored at my previous school. What I like about Connections Academy is that I was assessed before I was placed in my courses, and, as a result, I was placed at my individualized learning level, which is much higher than the level at which I was being taught at the brick-and-mortar school.

Also, I can work on school at my own pace and really learn the information. I really like math. I like how I have daily lessons. I’m not just sitting in the classroom listening to my teacher. I’m actually doing work.”

I really like Connections Academy’s field trips because they are so much fun and I get to meet other families.
— Ethan