Susan Todd-Ifland

Susan Todd-Ifland

Middle School Teacher

Master’s Degree, Gifted Education, Drury University; Master of Arts, Education, Missouri State University

Susan Todd-Ifland began teaching in 1992 and joined Arkansas Connections Academy in 2020. She teaches art to grades six, seven, and eight. Learn more about Ms. Todd below:

My Teaching Background

I’m from a teaching family. My mother taught middle school math and science, and my son teaches physical education and health in Kansas City. I taught first grade for eight years, then switched to art when I realized it was my passion. Being an art teacher has allowed me to work with all students.

The Online School Experience at Arkansas Connections Academy

Being able to communicate with family and teachers is a skill that will take you far in life. This year especially, we realized that we’re all here because we chose to be here. This is a group of special people that want successful, happy, healthy students and staff.

I like the flexibility online school gives students, especially with art. Sometimes you don’t feel creative at 9:00 a.m., or you might need to be at an art festival that’s out of town. It’s nice to have choices.

I love being able to work with so many artistic students from all over Arkansas.

— Ms. Todd-Ifland

Message for Families Interested in Online School

We’re here to help. We want this experience to be a comfortable fit for families and students.

Some Personal Interests

I have two sons - one is a physical education teacher in Kansas City, and the other one is a diesel mechanic who made sure that I knew how to change my own brakes and oil. I enjoy starting my mornings with a long run, and I love DIY “creating.” Ask me about my 12-foot-tall fireplace!