Savannah Mizell

Savannah Mizell

Assistant Principal (Grades 11-12)

Bachelor of Arts in English with Teacher Licensure, University of Arkansas; Master of Arts, Special Education, Arkansas State University; certified to teach AP®* English Language, AP English Literature, AP U.S. History; completing doctoral studies in Educational Leadership

Savannah Mizell started teaching in 2014 and joined Arkansas Connections Academy in 2018. She previously taught English in grades 9-12, Special Education, and was the Assistant Principal for grades 4-6. She now serves as the Assistant Principal for grades 11-12. Here, Ms. Mizell talks about her background and teaching experience.

Why I Became an Educator

"Kids these days are wonderful. I love this powerful generation of world changers. I’m so grateful to get to spend my days mentoring the youth. I have the best job ever. My favorite subject to teach is English, but to be more specific, I love teaching the writing process. I particularly love teaching academic argument and fostering a love for poetry.

Arkansas Connections Academy has connected me with so many like-minded educators. I think we all love the freedom Arkansas Connections Academy gives to our students to learn at their own pace, with varying levels of structure based on the dynamic of each individual household.

Teachers Who Truly Care

I did not know this at the time, but my high school math teacher, Mrs. Meeks, was my favorite teacher. Math was not my strong subject and she pushed me. She never allowed me to give up. At the time, I thought she just cared too much, and I just wanted to drop out of some advanced math classes and enjoy my senior year. She refused to sign the drop slip and she even called my mom, begging her to make me stay! I look back and realize how much she cared and how much she fought for what was best for my future. We are friends to this day! She checks in often and even comments on my pictures of my children on social media. I was blessed to have a teacher who cared so much.

I’d like my students to know that beyond grades and the curriculum, I truly care about you, your success, your safety, and your mental health. I want you to become a lifelong learner, but first and foremost, I want nothing more than to see you be happy.

I’d like my students to know that beyond grades and the curriculum, I truly care about you.

— Ms. Mizell

One Thing About Me

When I’m not teaching, you’ll find me snuggled up watching movies with my sweet husband and my two little boys!”

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