Melissa Curiel

Melissa Curiel

Secondary School Teacher; Department Head-Middle School English and Social Studies

Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education, University of Arkansas

Melissa Curiel began teaching in 2013 and joined Arkansas Connections Academy in 2016. She teaches 8th grade language arts and gifted and talented literature and 12th grade principles of marketing.

Why I Became a Teacher

I was blessed with wonderful teachers growing up. They showed me the wonderful stories that could be learned about in history, and opened the magical wardrobe doors to literature. They instilled a love of learning in me that I still have today. And my parents encouraged me to learn new things and face challenges head-on.

I have a desire to help children learn and grow in their knowledge, including how amazing it can be to dive into the world of books. There are so many exciting adventures contained within the pages of a good book!

The Online School Experience at Arkansas Connections Academy

I believe students at Arkansas Connections Academy are prepared for a bright and successful future. They’re introduced to the same technology that they’ll encounter in college and in their careers. Students are encouraged to be self-motivated and practice time-management skills.

In LiveLesson® sessions, students interact throughout the lesson, answering questions and posing their own. They also work collaboratively to find the outcome of a concept or to take part in shared inquiry. I love how my students encourage one another and are eager to learn. The LiveLesson room is a safe and judgment-free zone.

I love how my students encourage one another and are eager to learn. The LiveLesson room is a safe and judgment-free zone.

— Ms. Curiel

Message for Families Interested in Online School

The relationship between parents and teachers is more of a collaboration than it is in the typical classroom. It will take some getting used to, but with good communication and an excellent partnership with your child and their teacher, we can all be successful together.

My Interests

I’m married to my high school sweetheart, George. We have three wonderful children - Sarah, Evan, and Celeste. We also have four cats and a sweet grandpuppy named Luna. I’m a crazy cat lady who loves to read! Historical fiction and dystopian novels are at the top of my list. I love to spend time with my family, go camping and hiking with my friends, and watch Major League Baseball with my husband - go Dodgers!