Ms. Favero

Kimber Favero


Master of Education, Missouri State University, Guidance and Counseling

Kimber Favero has nearly 30 years of teaching/counseling experience. She joined Arkansas Connections Academy in 2020 and primarily advises grades 10 and 11.  

Why I Became a School Counselor

I believe one of the most important things I can ever do is work with our youth. They are amazing people who teach me daily. I consider it a privilege to do so.

The Online Learning Experience 

I love the individualized learning and the manner in which the educators interact with one another and the students. It is a wonderful, positive place in which to learn. The benefits of teaching at an online school versus a brick-and-mortar school are numerous. The experiences afforded the educator and the students are immense due to the diversity of those we serve.  

Students are prepared for a bright and successful future by being exposed to interactive lessons which are timely and well written. They afford the student the opportunity to work collaboratively as well as individually to problem-solve in preparation for a successful future. Our school community is a special place where adults and students interact on a respectful, mature level to empower the learner with a love of learning and a desire to succeed in life.   

Message for Interested Families

This will be the best educational decision you will ever make for your student. The atmosphere is one of respect, empowerment, and support. This is a place where all learners can succeed.  


I am an avid fishing person! I love the outdoors, camping, kayaking, canoeing, boating, gardening, and playing with my two pit bulls, Lilly and Mack. I enjoy interacting with my students and their families. They bring me great joy as I watch them grow and learn. It’s a privilege and pleasure to be an educator. 

The atmosphere is one of respect, empowerment, and support. This is a place where all learners can succeed. 

— Ms. Favero