Emily Colston

Emily Colston

Elementary School Teacher

Emily Colston started teaching in 2017, when she joined Arkansas Connections Academy (ARCA) as an elementary school teacher. Ms. Colston earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education from Harding University and her Master's in Educational Theory and Practice from Arkansas State University.

“I became a teacher because my dad was a high school teacher when I was little. I would play school with my cousin growing up and we both played teachers. In high school, I was in a club named EduCats, an organization for students who wanted to become teachers. It was really solidified for me when I was doing my student internship that I was in fact following the right career path. I love the kids, I love watching them grow as they learn, and I love seeing those light bulb moments. I hope that I can instill a love of learning in my students.

I love teaching at ARCA because I am a virtual learner myself (pursuing my master’s). I get to see how things work from a teaching perspective, and I can help my students relate to being an online learner as well. I also love that I am reaching students across the state, and not just locally like in a brick-and-mortar school. People are able to expand their horizons and learn more about each other and how things are in parts of the state that they have never seen.

I love the kids, I love watching them grow as they learn, and I love seeing those light bulb moments.

— Ms. Colston

The benefit of online school is that there is more freedom in this school environment for reaching and assisting students. I feel that we have tons of resources that are more readily available and we are preparing students for a bright and successful future through the use of technology. Students also learn at their own pace. If a student has grasped a concept, they can move on to the next thing without having to wait for an entire class to master a topic or standard. If students need to slow down a little bit so they can comprehend, they can.”

For fun, Ms. Colston loves to read, cross-stitch, and take care of all the animals in her home. She currently has three dogs and four cats. At one point she had fish, bullfrogs, a rabbit, a Russian tortoise, guinea pigs, and a gerbil!