Daniel Cisar

High School Teacher; Department Head–Math

BA, Sociology, University of Missouri

Daniel Cisar began teaching in 2013 and joined Arkansas Connections Academy in 2017. He’s working on a master’s degree ineducational leadership from Arkansas State University. Mr. Cisar has previously taught all math courses, from Algebra 1 to AP® Calculus, intro to engineering, and computer science, and currently teaches high school algebra.

Why I Became a Teacher

I wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people. Strong role models are very important for today’s youth. Teaching allows me the opportunity to help or impact every student I have in a positive way.

The Benefits of K‒12 Online Learning

I’m always trying new methods for student interaction. I have created daily videos for instruction and am incorporating real-world situations in my course. The LiveLesson® sessions are more interactive because my instruction takes place during the daily videos. Working online gives me extra opportunities to work with students one-on-one. I love the challenge of teaching students algebra.

Teaching allows me the opportunity to help or impact every student I have in a positive way.

— Mr. Cisar

Message for Prospective Families Choosing Online School

Arkansas Connections Academy is incredible. I can’t say enough about the leadership team and the teachers. I’ve never worked with a group of people who care so much for the success of their students and each other. We’re here to help one another, not to compete. We welcome all students who are ready for online schooling. We’ll serve everyone to ensure they’re getting the best education possible.

My Interests

I am married and have two beautiful children. We also have a foster child who is wonderful and energetic. We enjoy being outside, reading, and spending time with our dog and bunny.