High School

Michael is a high school student at Arkansas Connections Academy. Michael was interested in Arkansas Connections Academy because he can work at his own pace, was previously bullied, and has autism. He shares his story below:

“I was bullied a lot in regular school, and I had a hard time learning. Now that I’ve been at Arkansas Connections Academy since the sixth grade, I’ve learned a lot with the help of my parents and my amazing teachers. I like all of my teachers. They are so helpful to me and my mom when I have a problem with my assignments.

“Working on the computer and especially the new read-and-write app has been a huge help for me. My favorite subject is art because I love to draw and express myself through my drawing.

Learning can be challenging for those who are different, but with great support, you can achieve anything if you only try.

— Michael

“I stay in touch with friends by going on church field trips. This past summer we went hiking at Petit Jean Mountain. I love spending time with my church friends and am passionate about sharing my faith with others.

“Connections Academy® is different because I can be myself and nobody judges me because of my diagnosis and learning differently. The teachers at Connections Academy are caring and they love their students and families. I’ve learned a lot here. My classmates are wonderful and always care about others’ feelings.”

Michael attending online school on his laptop