Graduate Student

Malarie is a graduate student of Arkansas Connections Academy. Malarie loved the flexibility that Arkansas Connections Academy offered, which allowed her to pursue her career as an actor, writer, and artist, all while being challenged educationally. Read her story below:

“I started at Arkansas Connections Academy halfway through my freshman year. Prior to that, I attended Pottsville School District. I loved Pottsville, but Arkansas Connections Academy allowed me to have a flexible schedule and pursue my dreams.

I started doing community theater when I was four. I transitioned into film/TV at age twelve when I landed my first movie role. I also am an avid artist. Recently, I teamed up with a writer from New York, and I illustrated a children’s book. I also have art currently on display at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock. Right now, my acting is keeping me busy, and I love every minute of it.

What I liked most about Arkansas Connections Academy was the flexibility in the schedule. I could learn while pursuing my dreams as an actress. Plus, the teachers were fantastic!

— Malarie

I travel a lot with auditions, and Arkansas Connections Academy worked well for me because it allowed me to do my schoolwork at any time of day and anywhere I could access the internet. I traveled to Washington, DC, Kentucky, and Nashville for auditions, and if I had been in a regular classroom, that would not have been possible.

My other passion is writing, so I loved English! It allowed me to take an adventure by reading a story or learning more about how to improve my writing skills. My teachers were awesome. They were always willing to help try to make learning fun. They were very easy to communicate with. Arkansas Connections Academy helped prepare me for my future by allowing me to take the courses I needed to be ready for college and whatever else would come my way.”

Malarie standing in front of a movie poster that she stars in