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Kara is the mother and Learning Coach of Abigail, a second-grade student at Connections Academy. Kara originally homeschooled Abigail for preschool, but wanted more support with the curriculum from dedicated teachers when Abigail started kindergarten. She chose Connections Academy because it offered that support and allowed her to still be actively engaged with Abigail’s education.

Why We Chose Arkansas Connections Academy

We homeschooled Abigail for preschool, but I was nervous and feeling a little overwhelmed with continuing that when she started kindergarten. We explored other school options and found Connections Academy. After reviewing the information about the curriculum, learning environment, teachers, and my role as Learning Coach, we thought it would be a great place for Abigail.

We liked the blend of public-school resources and the flexibility of online learning. Our experience has been wonderful. I was happy to relieve some of the pressure of homeschooling, and I was thankful for the expertise and support from my daughter’s teachers.


Our Online School Experience

We have been very happy with how easy it has been to communicate with Abigail’s teachers. They provided helpful tips for scheduling our online school day that gave us the flexibility our family wanted for other activities. I especially appreciate being able to communicate with her teachers about any areas where my daughter may be struggling. They address all my concerns and work with my daughter during the bi-weekly calls.

My daughter enjoys most subjects, but her favorite is art. Because of the flexible scheduling, she can continue her art after completing her daily lessons and assignments. I like that we don’t have to follow a strict schedule and rush to the next subject. We really appreciate the flexibility for scheduling her other activities like ninja class during less-busy times.

One of the many benefits of Connections Academy is that my daughter is not only getting a quality education, but she is learning how to set herself up for success. She knows that she can breeze through areas that come easily to her and spend more time practicing things that are more challenging.

One of the many benefits of Connections Academy is that my daughter is not only getting a quality education, but she is learning how to set herself up for success.

— Kara

Advice for Families Interested in Online School

You may feel overwhelmed when you first start Connections Academy. There is a lot to learn—for you and for your student. Connections Academy is extremely helpful with the transition and offers a wealth of resources. I highly recommend watching the video and reading the information on Learning Coach Central. They really helped us be prepared for Abigail’s first day of school.

I also recommend being flexible during the first few weeks as your family gets into a rhythm with online school. When my daughter started kindergarten, I wanted her to finish by early afternoon so the rest of the day could be play time. But I soon realized that she got tired and needed more frequent breaks. We shifted to finishing some of her lessons after dinner. Learning your student’s rhythm and strengths will not only help you plan your school day but will help your student throughout their life.

Kara and family
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