High School

Helen is a high school student at Arkansas Connections Academy. She is a competitive swimmer who came to Connections Academy® for a more flexible and challenging education.

Why I Chose Arkansas Connections Academy

My family and I were ready to make a change, and then the pandemic pushed us to Arkansas Connections Academy’s program. There was too much uncertainty surrounding my old school’s capabilities, and I felt like I missed so much in the spring semester of 2020. I didn’t want to get behind.

I’ve also been a competitive, year-round swimmer since I was five. Because I drive 40 minutes one way Monday through Thursday, Arkansas Connections Academy makes my daily schedule easier, and the flexibility allows me to incorporate my training with school tasks.

I love Connections Academy because it allows me to learn in a safe environment during the pandemic; be flexible with my swim schedule; and get a great, challenging education.

— Helen

My Online High School Experience

I love that this curriculum is more challenging than what I’ve been used to. I can work at my own pace, and my teachers are easy to reach when I need them. I usually email them, and they get back to me quickly!

The coolest thing about Arkansas Connections Academy is that my best friends also attend the school, so I don’t feel like I’m doing it alone. We get together and work on projects sometimes, and that makes it fun.

We worked on a community service project this semester that helped beautify Camden. We planted bulbs and a tree in an area called The Trace, which is an exercise trail. We invited the mayor and other community leaders to join us during the groundbreaking!

Helen diving into pool